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ExtremeBeam TAC24
« on: April 04, 2014, 03:57:43 PM »
I ordered an Extreme Beam Tac 24 on Monday through a promotion via Glenn Beck's  I received the tactical light Thursday.  Light, holster, and 2 CR123 batteries for a about 109 bucks including shipping.

340 lumens, good construction, good materials, "Made in PRC."  People's Republic of China.  The Tac 24 is a larger unit than either of our Surefires (Defender and 6P LED,) but very bright and simple to operate.  I bought the Tac 24 to go in the emergency kit.  Our Surefires are better options for everyday carry, but this Tac 24 is a mighty fine  piece for a bug out bag.  Water resistance is achieved by aluminum construction and lubricated "O" rings.  The large, crenelated bezel makes for greater reflective surface and a formidable striking function.  The beam is adjustable and very bright, easily covering a football field or two or three or four.  The holster is of good quality.  A Velcro fastener affords good retention.  The two elastic battery sleeves would likely result in the loss of your backup power.  The batteries themselves are off-brand, made in PRC, Surefire wannabes.  We'll see how long they last.

Being "made in PRC,"  Extreme Beam must be enjoying a healthy profit margin with that $99 retail price.  I'm all for making a buck, but the "made in PRC" camouflage made me a little resentful.  If it's made in China, Extreme Beam should just say so.  The PRC crap makes me question the company's ethics--the marketing is a little too smart by half.  "Made in the USA," the Tac 24 would easily command a $200 retail, but made in China makes it a 50 dollar light that I spent a hundred bucks to own.  Extreme Beam did not help it's brand reputation with this consumer by trying to fool me with that "Made in PRC" label.