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Finished One Year After last week and am now about half finished with The Final Day.  Great books.  I really enjoyed the forward of One Year After.  The first chapter or two of The Final Day was a little slow - with too much reciting of obsolete technolgies for my taste, but then it picked up and hasn't slowed down since.  I'm at chapter 12, so Atlanta has just entered the picture.  When my wife sees I've bought another book, she laments, "I guess I'm a book widow for the next few days"

The thing I disliked most about "The Final Day" is that it pretty much slams the door shut on a series that I would like to see continue. I've read some of Forstchen's other books, "Pillar To The Sky" was good, but none quite capture my interest as do the EMP books.
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A pertinent article:

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